Minggu, 01 Januari 2012

little flashback, a little pray :)


Welcome 2012, goodbye 2011

Hey, i’ve made 45 postings anyway, during 2011. Hehehe :D

 However, 2011 was a great year. So many special things i’ve got in that year. I spent a lot of times with my dearest people. I’ve got a lot of memories with them. I did many things, new things, that i never did before.
So, in this day, in the beginning of this year, I just wanna make a little flashback, about my 2011..

I had so much fun-crazy-laugh lecture, hang out, and many more, with them, GMSI.. :p

I went to Jogja for about five days. My first experience to be sooo far and so long time from home. I made something like a diary that contains many stories bout this journey.. anyway, thanks so muuuuchh for the great holiday, mates :)

I spent a lot of time with them. I’ll remember every laugh, anger, tears, emotions, work, tiredness, happiness, and everything about us. Thankyou for a great year,  memorable stories, precious times, and everything. I’ll pick you all here, deep, in my heart..

I tried something new. Be a freelance writer. I felt great, anyway :D

Had a super looong trip with them,, we've passed five cities, Surabaya, Lamongan, Tuban, Bojonegoro, and Jombang.. What a super great trip :D

I tried to be a teacher. Hehehe.. Just for tutorial that held by my HIMA, but I felt great. That’s my new experience :)

I had a wonderful journey, from Coban to Surabaya, by motorcycle. Hahaha. Think it crazy ? Yes. But, thakyou for all the boys whom protected me, Itsna, and Redha.. thanks for brought us safely ‘til back to this city.. :D

I had a little accident with my ankle. It made me difficult to walk for about 2 months.

two thousand and eleven, a year, when star met the rainbow :)

I did a little write, brought it to a national writing competition. I still cant believing that I was the one of those 25 persons who passed that first selection. Me, above them who have published their books and articles. Feel a little nervous, i think, ‘till now. But, anyway, I’m happy :D

Overall, it was a great year. I did manythings, I got manythings. Just like another year that I’ve passed, there are always something special happened. And I hope for this year, 2012, please be nice to me. Just be a special year like another year. May I have another great experiences, great stories, geat people. And may I spend my times with a great way :)

Happy new year, all :)

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